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Vaze is a one of a kind e-cigarette that inaugurates a true renewal of vaping.


This double-patented inhaler has been developed in France to try to best support smokers in their efforts to quit smoking.

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Vaze Battery - Matte White
Synonym of purity and serenity, the Pearl White chosen for the Vaze battery is also remarkable for the softness of its touch. The Pearl White finish will undoubtedly satisfy smokers and vapers looking for simplicity and harmony.
Vaze Battery - Purple Ocean
For color lovers, this gradient of violet and blue is inspired by the surface of the ocean at sunset. Achieved through an innovative process, it takes advantage of exceptional shades and deep colors.
Vaze Battery - Matte Black
Created to be unobtrusive and for the softness of its touch, the Soft Black Vaze finish is for users looking for sobriety and elegance. Perfect to easily blend into a work environment, the Soft Black Vaze will be you best ally in your everyday life.
Vaze Battery - Rose Gold
The wonderful Rose Gold finish of the Vaze is for sophistication enthusiasts. Obtained through the use of an innovative process, this color is a true reflection of purity and luxury finishes.
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