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What is the difference between a classic cigarette and Vaze?


Vaze pods contain an e-liquid that is only heated to be vaporized. No combustion occurs, which prevents the release of toxic gases and tar from tobacco cigarettes.


Composed of only 4 main ingredients, Vaze e-liquids contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (used for cough syrups and ventoline vaporizers for example) combined with food flavourings (for taste) and patented nicotine (extracted from tobacco leaves and allowing the user to feel the effects withing seconds).


Cigarette smoke consists of several thousand of chemicals.


What level of nicotine to choose?


We recommend starting with our 20 mg/mililitre nicotine pods, which will best meet nicotine needs following tobacco cessation.


The user can then gradually reduce the level of nicotine used by opting for 10 mg per mililitre and then, once the need for nicotine is resolved, consume our products without nicotine.


20 milligrams of nicotine, is that a lot?


20 mg is the level of nicotine contained in 1 ml of e-liquid. The nicotine level in one puff is about 0.06 micrograms versus 0.2 milligrams for a puff of tobacco cigarette.


Can I vape with my Vaze next to a child?


Passive vaping, that is, the possible spread of substances in the vapor produced by your Vaze into the air, is an important issue, especially in the presence of children or pregnant women.


Numerous studies have been carried out, notably by the prestigious Swiss Medical Journal, and show that residues from steam produced by e-liquids are present in the ambient environment only for a few moments.


Am I allowed to use my Vaze in public places?


Vaping is legally possible in many places while tobacco cigarettes are totally excluded from all closed and public places. It is thus possible to vape in bars, restaurants or hotels (unless the internal regulations prohibit it) as well as in individual closed offices.


Vaping is however prohibited in schools and establisments intended for the reception, training and accomodation of minors as well as in closed public transport (buses, subways, trains, etc...)


How long does a Vaze pod last?


A vaze pod generates about 200 puffs, the equivalent of 20 tobaco cigarettes.


What is the battery life of a Vaze battery?


A 100% charged Vaze battery allows you to enjoy 420 puffs.


Is using Vaze complicated?


The Vaze has been designed to be very easy to use. No buttons or settings are provided. The parameters established by our teams allow an optimal use of the Vaze pods (quantity of puffs and intensity of taste).


I hear that electronic cigarettes can explode, what about the Vaze?


The Vaze battery contains multiple safety features, including the presence of a chip to control battery heat, voltage, and flash time.

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