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Absolute Zero pods pack
Very powerful and very refreshing menthol flavor
Blond pods pack
Sweet blond tobacco flavor with light honey return.
Île Flottante pods pack
Ile Flottante is a delicious dessert made of a custard filled bowl in which are placed egg mounted snow white with an exquisite caramel sauce topping.
Red Fruits pods pack
Enjoy a delightful drink composed of a blend of red fruits and cane sugar. Sweet and fresh, just delicious!
Peach Orange pods pack
This e-liquid is composed of a perfect mix of sweet oranges and pieces of juicy white peach. This blend is absolutely perfect!
Strawberry Watermelon pods pack
Strawberry Watermelon is a tantalizing blend of fresh and smooth melon and juicy strawberry. A fresh and intense e-liquid.
Ultra Lemon pods pack
Lemon and sparkling lemonade.
Virginie pods pack
Blond flavors of virgi-nia ultimate, dry and strong on the palate.